Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Updated List of People Joining for now.

Here is the current updated and so called confirmed list of people joining.

Yukarin with friends ( 7 )
Bing Lun
Ming Jun (Full Moon Expert)
Ming Jun and Bing Lun friends x 2
Kelong aka 電動翡翠
Kiske (Long Range Broken Shit)
Dan aka AH2 Broken Player
Farp (Punches and more)
Musta (too much WoW)
David (too much Sanguo)
Ah Di (too much KOF)
Joel aka Broken Shit
Jeff (friend of Jon and Dan)

Currently, we have 31 people in the whole list. We just need 1 more to get our perfect 32 number. GO GO GO !!!

If anyone still wanna join, please inform me through whatever means possible. If anyone seriously wanna join the tourney and no spots left, there are some people who are willing to give you the spot. =)


  1. hey i wanna join! (: i'm jeff, friend of Jon, Serge, Dan. don't know many people in the scene but figure it'll be fun (: any spots left?

  2. Ya I have 2 more spots left. So adding u into the list, making us with 31 people

  3. mememe.. too bad i can't join =[

  4. hey, if all slots r full before tourney day, y u still ask ppl to join in the poster? o.O if end up ppl apply after seeing the poster and kena turn down cos slots already full will make quite bad impression on the tourney one...

  5. Well apparently I didn't expect such a huge turn up also. Right at the beginning we still need a poster to begin with. The numbers definitely was much lesser, it was till I started to ask around, and show people the poster and ask friends to ask their friends then i managed to get the numbers.

    If having no spots in the tourney on the date itself then there is nothing i can't do either way.

    It is the same as buying stuff or limited items up for pre-orders. There are limited numbers of it and don't tell me people that can't get the items will get a bad impression of it.

    The purpose of this tourney was originally to promote the game and make people aware of it and also to make more friends and get to know the people of the community.

    I might have left out people who are not in the community and wanted to join but I tried to advertise wherever i can. Okay maybe only her, thru friends and sgcafe.com

    I went to promote the game on HWZ and sgclub forums before, not once but a few times, one of my friends also helped but no one really cares about it there, so I gave up going there.

  6. Xlenz here,

    True, ppl will take the initiative to come to this blog and see the information, if they are interested.

    Rarely will have people joining at last minute, with reference to tourneys held like Tekken, SF4 and so on..

    anyway, i'm known as the broken Satsuki mixups!!!!

    my AH not broken anymore.. =( must learn broken characters..

  7. Lol. You're not glad that there aren't any more broken characters in the game is it?

    Play Mei Fang in that case. Everyone agrees she's really good. :P