Monday, May 25, 2009

Okie, sorry for being lazy guys, quite alot been going on and i got the pics of our winners here =p

Our winners with the gorgeous announcer from Arcadia. =)

Our winners with one of the managers from Arcadia.

Our champion Farhan the pro white len user !!! \(^^)/

The 1st runner up Serge with his punishable shielding Nanaya Shiki (^^)╧

And our 2nd runner up Dneo with his Hisui Koha Maids Team <(^^)>

You realise Serge is damn pissed off for getting 2nd, he ain't smiling in all the photos which he is in lol

I will go back and upload the bracket pics before I keep forgetting about it. If there is a chance for another tourney, I will try to make it round robin, double elimination or something so that everyone has more chance to play with the other players.

And we really should have taken a huge group photo for the event. Scolding myself for not remembering it (T_T)


  1. cmon we need another mbaa tourney badly and you know it xD

  2. oh and i personally thought the mbaa T-shirts were a fantastic idea.. :)