Saturday, May 2, 2009

Going to continue with the MBAA tourney as planned.

Most probably the date will be set on 16th of May as of now. Arcadia wise seems to be fine with it. Now i just need to come out with the advertisement poster, rules and regulations and stuff and email to their marketing department.

Need help with a simple poster Sugar !!! Or Farp !!! I got the pics, just need to stick it altogether. =P

AH tourney was a success overall, glad to see so many people came down to both see and play. Got the crowd going, but if we had a proper commentry, it might even draw more people haha. =P

Give some time to kilvear for him to rip out the videos and stuff. Really a huge thanks to him for recording and ripping the videos for us. Did it for both BB and AH tourney already. Really appreciate it alot. I think must treat him to go makan or something already. Also thanks for akane for coming down to assist in the tourney. =)

Grats to all the winners and hope everyone managed to have fun and got to know the other players better. =)


  1. Good luck to everyone on 16 and yeah need to treat kilvear to dinner soon on my part!

  2. oh yeah i don't mind making a poster for you if u don't mind my 'saki' PS skills

  3. is just pasting the 2 pics together or maybe just the logo itself only with the tourney details below it. Making it simple lol

  4. Good luck!
    Won't be able to drop by and take a look on that day.. =(