Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finalised Details and Poster to be up.

I will put up the finalised details and poster once farp is done with it. All details are more or less in their finalised forms except for the competition format which will be Single Elimination.

I discuss this with some of the guys and came up this decision cause if we are really gonna have 29 people in the tourney (some might be bringing more), then this will be the more feasible idea.
Even 2 rounds out of 3 double elimination is still gonna take a long time to finish.

We have 2 guests from Malaysia, which is Powa and Ervine from SGMBAC hamachi channel coming over to view the tourney as well as to join in the fun gathering, so welcome them with open arms guys. \(^^)/

Ervine should be joining in the tourney too, and I will try to persuade Powa too. But as he is a keyboard user for MBAC . . . godly one at that too, I leave it up to him. =P

So watch this page for more updates and details again.

(editted : As promised, here is the poster for the tourney, again thanks for farp for all the hard work !!! )

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