Thursday, August 27, 2009

Arcade Scene Cooling Down . . .

Well part of the purpose for organising the MB tourney is also to gather people of the MB community again and see who are the new guys / gals around. I doubt there is any gals and it is always rare to even see one at all. I understand it is always the same few around but it was better compared to back 1.5 years ago where I was like the only one with David and Reiroy camping the old MBAC machine back at Bugis TKA Virtualand.

As the title goes, the scene is dying down quite a bit, even for more popular ones like Blazblue, partly due to the fact of online play / console. MB, AH2 and Daemon Bride has problems attracting new players due to maybe different mechanics, faster gameplay and lousier graphics haha. Well it is the last quarter of the year and I think most people are busy with their own commitments and stuff (I am also having more commitments now)

Friday nights seems to be the day with the most number of people popping down at the arcade, while Saturday these days are dwindling down alot. People come and go and we make new friends every now and then. I should also organise some form of weekend console gaming every now and then for the guys around my area, provided we have enough people interested haha.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And well HI PEOPLE, I know this blog is not very active for a while due to a lazy community leader of MB, and I am gaming hopping around too much for the past few months with other fighting games like TH 12.3, Vanguard Princess, Blazblue, Arcana Hearts 2.

And while updating, to our new players who are playing MB, please head over to and join us there in the forums.

MBAA PS2 Console version has been out for a week already as I post the information here. I believe most people would have gotten their hands on it and busy trying out various stuff. So I decided to get our second MBAA tourney going since our Sugarmilktea is heading overseas (correct information?) and there would be no AH2 tourney for a while and it has been like 3 months since our 1st MBAA tourney.

So I need help in gathering names for the next tourney to see how good the response will be.
The date tentatively would be the 1st Saturday of Sept, 5th or the 2nd Saturday of Sept, 12th. I prefer 5th of Sept myself personally. If we have a good amount of names, then it would definitely be a go. So let's get cracking and hit our contacts, phone books etc and get people to sign up !

And some late updating of screenies of the MBAA PS2 game can be seen just below. I also put the images up on sgcafe action gaming forums or round1 forums.