Monday, May 25, 2009

Okie, sorry for being lazy guys, quite alot been going on and i got the pics of our winners here =p

Our winners with the gorgeous announcer from Arcadia. =)

Our winners with one of the managers from Arcadia.

Our champion Farhan the pro white len user !!! \(^^)/

The 1st runner up Serge with his punishable shielding Nanaya Shiki (^^)╧

And our 2nd runner up Dneo with his Hisui Koha Maids Team <(^^)>

You realise Serge is damn pissed off for getting 2nd, he ain't smiling in all the photos which he is in lol

I will go back and upload the bracket pics before I keep forgetting about it. If there is a chance for another tourney, I will try to make it round robin, double elimination or something so that everyone has more chance to play with the other players.

And we really should have taken a huge group photo for the event. Scolding myself for not remembering it (T_T)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

T-shirts for tourney next time ?

I wonder if we can actually make some t-shirts for any MBAA tourney next time ? That is a suggestion i got from Hotshot and some of the guys during the time when they were here in SG.

Well if they want a t-shirt made then cost will go up of course =p
We can discuss this further next time when we meet up.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thanks for all the support for the tourney !

Well it is over, thanks to everyone who came down and gave their support to their tourney. Cheers to our 4 malaysian friends who came down specially for the tourney.

Congrats to Serge, Dneo and Farhan for winning the top 3 for the tourney. Cheers to Ervine who managed to hitch 4th even though he only got to touch MBAA for 1 day.

I will try to upload some pics from the tourney ASAP, will be getting it from Hotshot who is the only one who bought a camera on that day. We need volunteers to bring down their cameras, I don't have one and I asked people on hamachi and only Hotshot responded.

Sugar is getting another AH2 tourney again so in the meantime go train on AH2 first guys, then maybe we see if the schedule and people permits again for me to organise another MB tourney.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Updated List of People Joining for now.

Here is the current updated and so called confirmed list of people joining.

Yukarin with friends ( 7 )
Bing Lun
Ming Jun (Full Moon Expert)
Ming Jun and Bing Lun friends x 2
Kelong aka 電動翡翠
Kiske (Long Range Broken Shit)
Dan aka AH2 Broken Player
Farp (Punches and more)
Musta (too much WoW)
David (too much Sanguo)
Ah Di (too much KOF)
Joel aka Broken Shit
Jeff (friend of Jon and Dan)

Currently, we have 31 people in the whole list. We just need 1 more to get our perfect 32 number. GO GO GO !!!

If anyone still wanna join, please inform me through whatever means possible. If anyone seriously wanna join the tourney and no spots left, there are some people who are willing to give you the spot. =)

Finalised Details and Poster to be up.

I will put up the finalised details and poster once farp is done with it. All details are more or less in their finalised forms except for the competition format which will be Single Elimination.

I discuss this with some of the guys and came up this decision cause if we are really gonna have 29 people in the tourney (some might be bringing more), then this will be the more feasible idea.
Even 2 rounds out of 3 double elimination is still gonna take a long time to finish.

We have 2 guests from Malaysia, which is Powa and Ervine from SGMBAC hamachi channel coming over to view the tourney as well as to join in the fun gathering, so welcome them with open arms guys. \(^^)/

Ervine should be joining in the tourney too, and I will try to persuade Powa too. But as he is a keyboard user for MBAC . . . godly one at that too, I leave it up to him. =P

So watch this page for more updates and details again.

(editted : As promised, here is the poster for the tourney, again thanks for farp for all the hard work !!! )
Just an added piece of information to all you guys. If the turn out is too good on the day itself, I might consider changing it to 3 point match single elimination instead of double.

Reason being is that I doubt you guys wanna stay for 6 hours over and the whole tourney turns out to be a test of endurance instead of skills as one of my friends pointed out to me haha.

Currently as of my last update, tentatively . . . I REPEAT, TENTATIVELY, I've got like 29 names on my list, and that's including me. If anyone gets any of his friends to join, we might hit the perfect number 32.

Let's see how things goes, i will continue to update you guys as more info comes =)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Okie, the confirmed Tourney date will be on the upcoming 16th of May. (editted : it is not Vesak day, sorry T_T )

Time for the tourney to start will be 2.30pm on the dot tentatively, considering we have quite a number of people.

For people who are coming to register on the spot on the day itself, please come earlier by half an hour at least so we have time to put u guys on the list too.


Game : Melty Blood Actress Again Ver A

Location : Arcadia by TORNADO @ Iluma Shopping Centre 5th Floor (Located just directly opposite Bugis Junction)

Date : 16th May, 2009

Time : 2.30pm / 1430hours

Format : Double Elimination Random Draw

Fee : To be confirmed >.< -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  • Any Character / Any Mode allowed. (Crescent, Half-Moon, Full-Moon)
  • Changing of characters are not allowed between matches.
  • Changing of Modes between matches are allowed.
  • Please be punctual on the day of the tourney.

Non-functional joysticks and keys please approach me (Joel) so we can inform the authorities about it.


Tournament Settings
  • Best 3 matches out of 5 matches to win
  • Double elimination mode (Loser moves to loser brackets, lose 2 times and you are out)


  • Getting the purposal up to arcadia marketing department and then posting it up T_T

These are the key points for now. Depending on the number of sign ups, i might shift the time to 2.00pm / 1400 hours if we have a huge number of people.

For registration, you can just drop me a message on hamachi, MSN or comment to tell me about it.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Going to continue with the MBAA tourney as planned.

Most probably the date will be set on 16th of May as of now. Arcadia wise seems to be fine with it. Now i just need to come out with the advertisement poster, rules and regulations and stuff and email to their marketing department.

Need help with a simple poster Sugar !!! Or Farp !!! I got the pics, just need to stick it altogether. =P

AH tourney was a success overall, glad to see so many people came down to both see and play. Got the crowd going, but if we had a proper commentry, it might even draw more people haha. =P

Give some time to kilvear for him to rip out the videos and stuff. Really a huge thanks to him for recording and ripping the videos for us. Did it for both BB and AH tourney already. Really appreciate it alot. I think must treat him to go makan or something already. Also thanks for akane for coming down to assist in the tourney. =)

Grats to all the winners and hope everyone managed to have fun and got to know the other players better. =)