Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another long passed update . . .

Has really been a while since the last update. Think I need to update stuff more often instead of just doing it as and when haha.

Updates on the community, well nothing much really changed, everyone's busy and still the same old few players. Only with addition of Edward, and recently saw some newer players playing MB in Bugis on Friday evenings. Think they just play it for casual fun so well . . .

I just got my new job so adjusting and picking up new stuff. Most of the updates and stuff you can head over to round1.sg where we have our local MB community forums there.

Here is one of the nicer MBAA:CC Qualifier clips which I could find.

8/29 滋賀ガオラMBAACC闘劇予選その1

8/29 滋賀ガオラMBAACC闘劇予選その2

The Hisui in both the clips is really good, made the most impression on me, with his mixups and combos. I think he could perform better by blocking more instead of taking so much risk but overall he is good. Lots of stuff which I could pick up from the player.

And mikado arcade just had their daily 2v2 MBAA:CC tourney. As compared this time round the 2v2 ain't that interesting but still worth a watch.

〔MBAACC〕 2010.9.1 高田馬場ミカド ランダム2on2 前半

〔MBAACC〕 2010.9.1 高田馬場ミカド ランダム2on2 後半

So remember to head over to round1.sg to find us for any matters =)

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  1. We should try to talk to the casual beginners who are playing on Friday evenings... and not scare them away by smashing them immediately lol.