Monday, January 18, 2010

Long forgotten updates . . .

Well, I have not been updating the blog for a LONG LONG time.

We managed to get 2 gatherings together and in both gathering we failed to even take pictures of our players and random stuff as usual. We Singaporean MB players really fail in this aspect lol

The videos of our 2 mini tourney is up at various places which I myself have no clues where too haha. Mistakes aside, both gatherings was a very good experience and the 2nd one a few of us stayed over night at Sugar's / Wilfred's place and continue playing till the next morning.

Well during this time, Joe one of our Satsuki player have went back to Malaysia, and Sevalle our resident HM V-Akiha player have already flown over to Perth for studies and wouldn't be back in a while.

Some of our younger players are heading into the army for their enlistment call ups soon too, Dneo, Chichiboy, Yukarin, their gang of JC students who just graduated.

I am thinking of organising another gathering up for them before they go into army and seeing them before their heads get shaven flat haha.

Even on hamachi netplay, MBAC seems to have grown colder, much fewer players now. I guess everyone is busy with their own commitments or having new games to play. The game is starting to get popular in the US and I am very glad to see it getting revived over there.

On MBAA FT updates, as i posted on on our MBAA forum, most probably we would not get to see the game in TKA arcade as the hardware is not going to be Naomi but Ringwide, which is an XP-embedded system that would make a PC port a closer reality than before.

RingWide is made of inexpensive components. Even a new computer built with cheap parts can completely dominate it spec-wise, since it relies on SDRAM along with a recommended graphics card series about three years old and processor that was weak even when it came out.

Info is taken from Meltybread site.

And so regarding our next gathering, lemme me ask around to see if anyone is willing to loan his place for us to play and gather again for just a 1 day over the weekend.


  1. Hey, I'm a visitor to singapore, and was wondering if you got an email or something I can contact you by :P

  2. You're probably better off getting on the forums to contact us. :)

  3. Just you all wait, shit still can't use joystick. Maybe visiting Singapore again. :)