Thursday, August 27, 2009

Arcade Scene Cooling Down . . .

Well part of the purpose for organising the MB tourney is also to gather people of the MB community again and see who are the new guys / gals around. I doubt there is any gals and it is always rare to even see one at all. I understand it is always the same few around but it was better compared to back 1.5 years ago where I was like the only one with David and Reiroy camping the old MBAC machine back at Bugis TKA Virtualand.

As the title goes, the scene is dying down quite a bit, even for more popular ones like Blazblue, partly due to the fact of online play / console. MB, AH2 and Daemon Bride has problems attracting new players due to maybe different mechanics, faster gameplay and lousier graphics haha. Well it is the last quarter of the year and I think most people are busy with their own commitments and stuff (I am also having more commitments now)

Friday nights seems to be the day with the most number of people popping down at the arcade, while Saturday these days are dwindling down alot. People come and go and we make new friends every now and then. I should also organise some form of weekend console gaming every now and then for the guys around my area, provided we have enough people interested haha.

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  1. haha, 2 years ago even worse when the machine first arrived. There were only like 5 regular players in total (I remember can count with one hand no matter how hard I try)

    I don't mind dropping by for MBAA sessions and for the tourney so long as it is organized decently. No one is perfect but there are limitations for imperfectness :P