Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Organising 1st MBAA tourney in Singapore.

Well here goes nothing. After seeing Kilvear getting thru with the BB tourney and Sugar who also managed to push thru his AH2.5 tourney, I have decided to organise our own 1st MBAA tourney.

Is a little late I know, but I am glad to see that the community has grown much bigger compared to the first time I knew it. So therefore I am organising this tourney up to gather all the players for some funtimes and hopefully get to know others outside from our usual MBAA group.

Tentatively, I have around 16-18 names more or less 80% confirmed that they will be participating. The format will be 1v1, double elimination system. I know some people suggested for a 2v2 tourney instead, but given the amount of people and some of them do not know each other at all, i decided to stick with the 1v1 format for now.

I am hoping to get the tourney going on the 9th or 16th of May, 9th is Vesak day.
More details will be posted once I contact Sugar and Farp to ask on how to approach Arcadia regarding this tourney, hopefully things can be done fast and hassle-free.

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